What is the background to the Smart Street and City Centre Waterfront projects?

    In September 2016, Council endorsed the establishment of an independently facilitated collaborative process with the community with the focus on the commercial hub of the City Centre, particularly Smart Street.  In October 2017, the City hosted a community information session attended by approximately 70 community members to enable the collection of thoughts and concerns from the community. The session also invited the community members to nominate to be a part of a working group.  From the community information session, a mix of landowners, tenants and residents, all who have an interest in Smart Street and/or to the surrounding areas were selected to join the working group.

    In April to May, 2018 the City invited the Community to be involved in shaping the vision for the City Centre Waterfront area including the Eastern Foreshore Reserve (from the Boardwalk Precinct to the Bridge) and the Western Foreshore Reserves, including foreshore areas to the north and south of the Bridge, under the Bridge and Hall Park. The Community was asked to share what they love about the foreshore spaces, identify opportunities for improvements and prioritise the areas that most require change. This phase of Community Engagement did not include Smart Street Mall, however, contributors took the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding the area and it was evident that Smart Street Mall was a community priority for improvements. The summary report for this Phase 1 City Centre Waterfront Engagement process is accessible from mandurahmatters.com.au/city-centre-waterfront.

    As a result of the overlap between the development of upgrade proposals for Smart Street and the priority focus areas identified through the City Centre Waterfront project, these projects have now being considered and prioritised collectively.

    The community consultation and stakeholder engagement process to date have set the focus areas and direction for planning, design and on-ground works in the City Centre Waterfront and Smart Street from now until 2021, aligned with available funding. The concept plans have been prepared using a place-based design and activation approach which has informed the infrastructure upgrade proposals. The proposals will contribute towards making Mandurah a loved destination for locals and visitors with a vibrant and sustainable City Centre business and creative economy.

    Concept design has progressed over these four priority precincts with a view to progress to detailed design and delivery of projects in line with available funding commitments;

    ·  Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct

    ·  Eastern Foreshore North Boardwalk Precinct

    ·  Eastern Foreshore South Precinct

    ·  Smart Street Precinct