What is the background to the Mandurah Waterfront Project?

    In April to May, 2018 the City invited the Community to be involved in shaping the vision for the City Centre Waterfront area including the Eastern Foreshore Reserve (from the Boardwalk Precinct to the Bridge) and the Western Foreshore Reserves, including foreshore areas to the north and south of the Bridge, under the Bridge and Hall Park. The Community was asked to share what they love about the foreshore spaces, identify opportunities for improvements and prioritise the areas that most require change. This phase of Community Engagement did not include Smart Street Mall, however, contributors took the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding the area and it was evident that Smart Street Mall was a community priority for improvements. The summary report for this Phase 1 City Centre Waterfront Engagement process is accessible from mandurahmatters.com.au/city-centre-waterfront.

    The community consultation and stakeholder engagement process to date have set the focus areas and direction for planning, design and on-ground works in the City Centre Waterfront from now until 2021, aligned with available funding. The concept plans have been prepared using a place-based design and activation approach which has informed the infrastructure upgrade proposals. The proposals will contribute towards making Mandurah a loved destination for locals and visitors with a vibrant and sustainable City Centre business and creative economy.

    Concept design was progressed over these four priority precincts with a view to progress to detailed design and delivery of projects in line with available funding commitments;

    • Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct

    • Eastern Foreshore North Boardwalk Precinct

    • Eastern Foreshore South Precinct

    • Smart Street Precinct


    Are the upgrade proposals funded?

    The Mandurah Waterfront Project is a City of Mandurah led project that has had $10 million committed by the state government as part of its Plan for Peel. The aim of this project is to deliver an iconic Mandurah foreshore precinct that supports local tourism and local jobs. The Western Foreshore Play Space and Skate and Activity Space are being delivered through this funding allocation. Additional funding will be contributed by the City and other funding sought to for supporting infrastructure upgrades including new toilets, parking areas, path connections and general public park facilities.

    Is the play space going to be fenced?

    The play space is approximately 3000sqm and about half of this area is fenced with two gated entry/exits. Within the fenced area there is a focus on providing for younger age users and their families/carers. As well as traditional and accessible play equipment a variety of sensory and imaginative play elements are proposed themed around the Mandurah Estuary, Boating and Fishing.

    The range of equipment and experiences in this space will cater for babies, toddlers and children up to 12 year olds. Adjacent to the fenced area, a higher energy adventure play space is proposed with large scale play towers, climbing equipment and obstacles. This space is unfenced so users can flow between the play space and adjacent recreation spaces including the Skate and Activity Space, grass areas and foreshore.

    Are there any ‘water play’ facilities proposed?

    Water park facilities and water play elements have been on the ‘wish list’ of many participants contributing ideas for the Waterfront Project and Western Foreshore Play Space. Whilst these facilities are fun and valued by users, they require a high level of maintenance and management and can have potential health risks. They also use potable water resources. Fresh, clean water is a limited resource and the City of Mandurah is committed to sustainable water management practices. The play space is adjacent to the Western Foreshore beach and enclosed swimming area where people can interact and play with natural estuary water body. The draft concept design for the Western Foreshore Play Space does not include any built ‘water play’ elements.

    Are there BBQ and picnic facilities?

    Yes, there is a BBQ area proposed with 3 double BBQs (6 plates), seating and a shade shelter. The BBQ area is centrally located adjacent to the play space outside the fenced area to cater for the broader Western Foreshore and Hall Park recreation spaces.

    A variety of picnic table settings catering for large and small groups are located within and adjacent to the play space. The play spaces are also designed around central grass areas and along with the foreshore and events space grass areas there are plenty of areas for casual picnicking.

    What is happening with the existing toilets?

    The existing toilets are located in the footprint of the proposed play space. They will be demolished and new toilets will be constructed between the Play Space and Skate and Activity Space. The new toilet facilities will include accessible and unisex toilet facilities. Additional publically accessible toilets will also be incorporated into the future commercial site redevelopment to the north of the play space.

    What is happening with the existing Mandurah Volunteer Fire Fighters Training Track?

    The Mandurah Volunteer Fire Fighters Training Track will be removed after April next year to enable the construction of the Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct to progress. The City of Mandurah is currently investigating alternative sites for the relocation of the Volunteer Fire Fighter training facilities into the future.

    The existing foreshore path is subject to inundation during high tides and storm events. Will this be addressed as part of the upgrade?

    Yes. The existing path will be removed. The new path will be installed with a greater setback from the water edge and at a higher level. The soft sand edge to the foreshore will be maintained and the foreshore area managed to protect against inundation and erosion.

    What are the proposed changes to parking on the Western Foreshore?

    The former existing car park on the Western Foreshore (north of the bridge) was removed post construction of the new bridge. This carpark had 43 bays. Two new parking areas are proposed to service the recreation precinct (total 40 vehicles with additional pick-up/drop-off and bus parking zones.) The carpark on the south side of the bridge has been upgraded and capacity increased from 78 bays to 89 bays. Combined with the existing parking areas to the north of the western foreshore site near the War Memorial and Kings Carnival, the existing and proposed quantity of formal parking bays equates to 232 bays.

    The Hall Park reserve area will still have the capacity to cater for over-flow parking as it does currently. If the existing/proposed parking does not adequately cater for the number of users there is capacity within the site to provide additional parking should it be determined necessary.

    What about the Eastern Foreshore Playground? Will this be upgraded?

    There are plans to replace the existing Eastern Foreshore Playground with a new play space, subject to funding availability.

    The future upgraded playground will likely be of a similar scale to the current playground which is approximately 1000m2. The proposed Western Foreshore play space is significantly larger with a footprint of approximately 3000m2 including the play equipment, access and grass and picnic areas.

    No planning or design has been progressed for new Eastern Foreshore play facilities at this stage.

    What about the vision the 'Foreshore Focus 2020' prepared in 2007 set for these places?

    Previous planning and visioning for the City Centre Waterfront has been done through the Mandurah Foreshore Focus 2020 Master Plan prepared in 2007. The project area was broader than the City Centre, extending from Roberts Point, Halls Head along western edge to the Estuary traffic bridge and returning along the eastern side to the former Peninsula Hotel site and the Marina. The plan was developed through a community engagement process that included community reference groups and wider community.

    Since the Mandurah Foreshore Focus 2020 was prepared two significant infrastructure projects have been implemented in the City Centre Waterfront area:

    •  2016/17: New seawall and walkways constructed along Eastern Foreshore Reserve and reserve area extended up to  20m wider and grassed.

    •  2016-18: Replacement of the old ‘Mandurah Bridge’ with new four lane bridge with separate wide pedestrian access, fishing platforms, decorative and functional lighting and surrounding landscape treatments.

    With the completion of these significant projects, and changes to the foreshore spaces, the framework was set to continue upgrades in these significant public spaces and update the Community’s vision.

    The existing Commercial Lease Areas were identified by the Community as a high priority for upgrade. What is proposed?

    Existing Commercial Leases (King’s Carnival and ‘Kayaks for U’) on Western Foreshore expire 2021. Planning for future mixed-use lease areas and development options for the Western Foreshore will be undertaken to facilitate the development of this area and provide enhanced public and commercial attractions for example; cultural attractions, leisure amusements and activities, food/drink/retail outlets. The extent and footprint of land-based and over-water development and activities will be determined to facilitate expressions of interest process for this opportunity. Future Foreshore developments will incorporate high-quality architectural design that takes advantage of the waterfront location, public toilet facilities, public pedestrian access, spaces and view corridors to water between built form.