Where is the South East Dawesville Master Plan site?

    The South East Dawesville Master Plan site is a parcel of reclaimed land was constructed with the removed earth from the development of the Dawesville Cut inlet.

    It is located on the southern side of the Dawesville Cut on the Estuary (East) side of the road. It can be accessed by turning left down Estuary Road when driving south with Thisbe Drive bordering the site.

    What size is the land to be Master Planned as Stage 1?

    The site is a total of 2.02 hectares running along the estuary and around the Dawesville Channel.

    It ranges from 10 metres to 95 metres at its most narrow and widest points respectfully. Please refer to the Master Plan Site document is view all the dimensions of the site.

    Why does the Master Plan not include the internal grey area on the current South East Dawesville Channel Reclaimed Site - Land Use Plan?

    As a significantly sized portion of land the City has separated the planning of the Public Foreshore Area and the internal 'grey' site within the SE Dawesville site as the grey area is to be retained for future consideration.

    Proceeding with a Master Plan for the Public Foreshore Area will enable the City to progress with the planning, funding and development of a significant public asset and improve amenities in the 

    There is no current plan over the central 'grey' site and no immediate or proposed use for it.

    The entire site is zoned as Regional Open Space vested with the City of Mandurah under a Management Order for 'Recreation, Community Purposes and Foreshore Management.

    What plans do the City have for the Public Foreshore Area?

    There is currently no plan for the public foreshore area. The City is seeking the community's input on how the community would like to use this space. What would the community like to keep, see or change?

    Community feedback is invited throughout the various stages of engagement and the City aims to deliver a plan that is in keeping with community needs and ideas for the space.

    If you would like to get involved you can come along to one of the workshops or drop-in sessions, leave a comment on the project page, register your interest for future updates or direct email the project contact officer.

    What is the site currently used for?

    The public foreshore area is currently undeveloped accessed only on foot via parking along Estuary Drive.

    Until recently a portion of the waterfront land was leased to recreation based organisations, however a revised footprint of the leased area has now created the opportunity to reinstate public access across the foreshore.

    There has been reports of antisocial behaviour in and around the public foreshore area and the adjacent land (grey area) and for this reason a large portion of the site has been fenced in an effort to address this.

    It is considered that with more positive activation of the public foreshore area that antisocial behaviour will be deterred through community use of the site.

    Why is the Master Plan site called 'South East' Dawesville?

    The Master Plan site is in fact the South East of the Dawesville Cut (Channel) site and not the South East corner of the suburb of Dawesville as has thought to be the case.

    Future documentation will be modified to ensure that it reflects the South East Dawesville Channel and not the suburb.