Why was this site chosen for upgrades/Why is a new design needed?

    This park was created in the mid-1990s and has seen a lot of community enjoyment over time. We decided that the park needed a refresh to make sure that the connection to this space can continue and we can incorporate some of our newer design practices. We require a new design that reflects our current aspirations and best practices that can be used as a planning tool for the future of this valuable City of Mandurah space.

    What kind of input are you looking for?

    We want to hear your thoughts about Kangaroo Paw Park. What’s good or bad about it?   How do you like to use this space, and why? Or if you don’t use the space, why not? Why do you value this space or others like it? You might not know what exact features or design elements you’d like to see, but don’t worry, that’s our job!

    What if I like the park as it is and I don’t want to see any changes?

    Previous community consultation has shown that our community wants more activated parks and spaces for a better Mandurah, and we agree. But if you like the current park the way it is and don’t want to see any changes, we still want to know. We want to know what are the most loved aspects of this space so we can retain or enhance them. All feedback from our community is extremely valuable and will be taken into consideration during the design process.

    When will I get to see the design and what if I don’t like it?

    It is expected that after community consultation, the draft design and whole Masterplan (outlining all the changes and works planned for the site) will be completed by March 2022. At this stage, the Draft Masterplan will be released for community consultation again. Secondary consultation ensures that community feedback and has been received, interpreted, and incorporated correctly, and we have developed a Masterplan that is supported by our community.

    Will existing trees be removed and will new trees be planted?

    The plan aims to retain and improve the native bushland on the site by limiting the removal of trees and including new plantings. We will also consider the community’s perspective on where you would like to see more trees or what kind of trees you would like to see planted.

    What happens next and when are upgrade works likely to occur?

    Following initial feedback, a design will be created and included in a Draft Masterplan for the site. This Draft Masterplan will then be released for further community consultation. Once this has been completed and revised the Masterplan will go to Council. If endorsed by Council, procurement and construction are expected to commence in the 2022/2023 financial year (beginning June 2022).

    How can I have my say and find out more about the upgrade at Kangaroo Paw Park?

    Initial information, progress updates, and community feedback through a short survey are available online here. Local residents have also been mailed a survey for return.