What is the Waterfront Project?

    The aim of the Mandurah Waterfront project is to create vibrant City Centre with a distinctive waterfront. The project is strongly focused on improving Mandurah’s standing as tourist destination and giving a boost to the economy now and in the future Extensive consultation and engagement with the Mandurah community, key stakeholders and reference group/s has determined the priority areas for upgrades in the Mandurah City Centre Waterfront area. The community and stakeholder engagement has informed the development of concept proposals and plans for these priority areas: 

    • Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct 

    • Eastern Foreshore South Precinct 

    • Eastern Foreshore North Precinct 

    • Smart Street Mall 

    In November 2018, the Community were asked to provide feedback on concept proposals. The Foreshore proposals received overwhelming community support and Council adopted the Eastern Foreshore South Precinct, Eastern Foreshore North Precinct and Western Foreshore Recreation Precinct concept plans at its meeting on February 26 2019. The upgrade of Smart Street concept was further developed with the final proposal given the support of the working group and adopted by Council on April 30 2019. Funding has been committed to implement the proposals for these four priority sites commencing in the 2019-20 financial year with completion by June 2021.

    Is this project funded?

    Yes. The Mandurah Waterfront Project, has had $10 million committed by the State Government as part of its Plan for Peel and Council has allocated $5 million to the project. A $7 million Federal funding election commitment to the project has also been made and this funding is subject to a formal funding agreement being approved.

    What about the vision to Foreshore Focus 2020 set for these places?


    Previous planning and visioning for the City Centre Waterfront has been done through the Mandurah Foreshore Focus 2020 Master Plan prepared in 2007. The project area was broader than the City Centre, extending from Roberts Point, Halls Head along western edge to the Estuary traffic bridge and returning along the eastern side to the former Peninsula Hotel site and the Marina. The plan was developed through a community engagement process that included community reference groups and wider community. Since the Mandurah Foreshore Focus 2020 was prepared two significant infrastructure projects have been implemented in the City Centre Waterfront area: •  2016/17: New seawall and walkways constructed along Eastern Foreshore Reserve and reserve area extended up to  20m wider and grassed. •  2016-18: Replacement of the old ‘Mandurah Bridge’ with new four lane bridge with separate wide pedestrian access, fishing platforms, decorative and functional lighting and surrounding landscape treatments. With the completion of these significant projects, and changes to the foreshore spaces, the framework was set to continue upgrades in these significant public spaces.


    How have the Community been involved in shaping the Mandurah Waterfront proposals?

    In April –May 2018, the City invited the Community to be involved in shaping the vision for the City Centre Waterfront area that includes the Eastern Foreshore Reserve (from the Boardwalk Precinct to the Bridge) and the Western Foreshore Reserve, including areas to the north and south of the Bridge, under the Bridge and Hall Park, following the completion of the Eastern Foreshore seawall and Mandurah Bridge replacement. The community were asked to tell share what they love about the foreshore spaces, identify opportunities for improvement and prioritise the areas that required change. The Waterfront Community Vision report provides a detailed summary of this process and findings. The Community Vision Consultation undertaken during April to May 2018 resulted in the establishment of a Community Reference Group to provide feedback to officers on establishing the priority areas for change, exploring a range of themes and ideas and preparing concepts and proposals. A  Smart Street Working Group was also established to identify opportunities for upgrades to infrastructure, activation and direction for Smart Street. The community consultation and stakeholder engagement process set the focus areas and direction for planning, design and on-ground works in the City Centre Waterfront aligned with available funding. In November 2018, the Community were asked to provide feedback on concept proposals for the priority upgrade areas. There was overwhelming community support for the City Centre Waterfront proposals. A summary of the Community Engagement process and findings is available here.

    How do I find out about local economic opportunities associated with the Waterfront Project?

    Local businesses are encouraged to register on' Tenderlink' to receive notifications of opportunities for the supply of goods and services for the Mandurah Waterfront and other projects. For further information on the City of Mandurah’s Procurement of Goods and Services and 'Tenderlink' visit https://www.mandurah.wa.gov.au/city-and-council/work-with-us/tenders