Proposed Cat Local Law 2019

At its meeting of 23 July Council resolved to adopt the proposed Cat Local Law 2019 for advertising. 

Proposed Cat Local Law 2019

Purpose:  To make provisions about the keeping of cats, to control the number of cats that can be kept, the places where cats can be kept and prescribe areas in which cats are prohibited.

Effect:  To extend the control over cats which exist under the Cat Act 2011.

The local law addresses cats through:

  • Nuisance – allows the issuance of a notice to abate nuisance (potential confinement for up to 28 days).
  • Number of Cats – prescribes that no more than 2 cats are permitted to be kept without a specific approval.
  • Prohibited Areas – provides for offences for cats entering into scheduled City owned or managed land.
To view the proposed Cat Local Law 2019 please click here.

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