Where is Lakelands?

    Lakelands is Mandurah’s most northern suburb on the east side of Mandurah Road. The District Open Space will be developed on the corner of Mandurah Road and Banksiadale Gate in Lakelands.

    What does the Project involve?

    The Project will include the delivery of:

    • 3 Active Reserves
    • District Level Clubroom Facility (Kitchen, Meeting room, function space and toilets)
    • Toilets / Change rooms
    • Sports Flood Lighting
    • Parking
    • Activity Zone (Subject to future funding)
    • Playground (Subject to future funding)

    How is the Project funded?

    The Project is funded by the City of Mandurah, the State Government and the Department of Education. The active reserves will be shared use between the City of Mandurah (for community use), the new Lakelands High School and the proposed North Lakelands Primary School.

    When will construction commence?

    The Project will commence in May 2018 with installation of a reticulation bore and earthworks across the site.

    When will the Project be complete?

    It is anticipated that 2 of the 3 active reserves will be complete and available by February 2019 when the new Lakelands High School Opens. The third active reserve, the Clubroom facility and parking will be complete by the middle of 2020. 

    Who can use the new facilities?

    The active reserves will be available to local sporting groups to hire for structure activities and will be available to the wider community as public open space. The Clubroom facilities and sports flood lighting will be available for hire by sporting groups and the wider community in line with the City's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

    As the Active Open Space will be shared with the adjacent High School and proposed Primary School under a Shared Use Agreement between the City of Mandurah and the Department of Education, the School's will have priority use of the reserves during school hours for curricular activities, however the clubroom facilities will still be available to the community during school hours.

    What sports will be played at the new facilities?

    The active reserves have been designed to accommodate a range of sports such as, AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Diamond Sports, Rugby, Hockey and Athletics. The use of the reserves will be dependent on the needs of the community. Currently, the City anticipate that Lakelands District Open Space will be home to AFL in the winter season and has received expressions of interest for consideration throughout the summer season.

    Will there be sports flood lighting on the reserves?

    Yes, all 3 active reserves will have sports flood lighting installed to an interchangeable 50-100lux.

    How do I find out more information on the Project?

    For further information on the Lakelands District Open Space Project contact the City of Mandurah Recreation Services Team at recreationservices@mandurah.wa.gov.au or call 9550 3612.