Why does the plan from 1999 need an update to develop the new Masterplan for the Coodanup Foreshore?

    A framework is needed to update the previous 1999 Concept Plan to plan for upgrades and to address future opportunities. The residential area adjacent to the reserve has changed significantly since the earlier Concept Plan was developed, and expectations and park management practices have also changed since, requiring a Masterplan that reflects current aspirations and best practices to be used as a planning tool for the future of this valuable City of Mandurah regional public open space.

    What area is included in the Masterplan?

    It includes the foreshore reserve land along the northern foreshore of the Peel Harvey Estuary, located on Peel Parade between Wanjeep Street and adjoining the Creery Wetland Reserve to the west, to the end of John Street Coodanup and around to the Serpentine River to the east. The wetland area adjacent to the foreshore just north of Peel Parade, south of Placid Waters Parade is also included, to incorporate key linkages between the foreshore and this area, particularly environmental links such as the Osprey nesting and habitat links.

    Refer to the Site plans provided as part of the Coodanup Foreshore Masterplan draft – one for the existing site, and a site masterplan showing the future site.

    What is the process / timeline for this Masterplan?

    • The initial consultation period was available from 13 August until 15 September 2019, with a public survey available for this period of time. Input from the local community is greatly valued and consultation round 1 information has been used to inform the design process, including from the survey.
    • The City then worked through the feedback and consulted with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, Peel Harvey Catchment Council, the Winjan Aboriginal Corp, the Access Inclusion Advisory Group and other key stakeholders to develop the May 2020 draft plan. This process ran through the end of 2019 to early March 2020.
    • The process paused while Covid19 pandemic priorities for the City were managed during March – April 2020.
    • Round 2 consultation – draft MAY 2020 Masterplan available for comment 9 May 2020 to 23 June 2020. (Initially 9 June and extended to 23 June 2020).
    • Masterplan to be finalised for Council endorsement during 2020.

    What does the Masterplan include?

    The plan includes elements such as:

    • Areas for recreation - play and activity areas, and future upgrades
    • Public amenities including shelters, seating, barbecues, parking and lighting, toilets, signs
    • Viewing points, including viewing platforms and decks, and bird hide upgrade
    • Environmental and cultural interpretation included in landscape components
    • Path and trail connections and upgrades
    • Connections and access to the Estuary water
    • Grass and planted areas
    • Protection of existing trees
    • Mulch zones under trees to improve health and provide for succession planting and seedlings
    • Additional planting of trees and shrubs/ groundcovers / stormwater planting of reeds and sedges
    • Environmental considerations and management, including biodiversity, planting and fencing
    • Management of storm water outputs
    • Consideration of site context and uses of adjoining land, including future development of private land.

    What are the 7 Zones shown on the Masterplan?

    The plan shows the foreshore as 7 distinct character zones for 2 main reasons:

    • The foreshore, a regional reserve, spans a large area of approximately 2.6 kilometres, so zoning aids ease of reference, and future project planning; and
    • Earlier consultation showed that parts of the foreshore were viewed distinctly by their character and varying focus; so

    These have been indicated on the plan, showing a focus of environmental or recreational, including the conservation areas of Nairns to the east and the adjoining Creery wetlands to the west, transitional zones adjacent to these, and the main recreation zones.

    Will existing trees be removed and will trees be planted?

    Existing trees will be retained and additional trees will be incorporated into the plan, to maintain and improve the tree canopy into the future.

    What happens next and when are upgrade works likely to occur?

    Following endorsement by Council of the final Masterplan for Coodanup Foreshore Reserve, budget allocations in the City’s capital works budget would need to be proposed and approved through Council.

    This process usually takes until at least the following financial year (2021-2022) and would be planned for works over a number of years for staged projects for future financial years.

    Upgrades that can be undertaken as part of existing maintenance budgets, such as infrastructure repairs or improvements such as realigning bollards, may occur earlier where possible.